February 21, 2024

Employee communication apps are tools that distribute and gather information. Some work like walky-talkies for staff in the field, while others provide instant messaging and company news feeds.

Some also offer granular settings to let employees decide who to chat with and to what extent. This can help reduce back-and-forth communication and improve productivity.


Staffbase is a top-rated internal communication software for global companies. Its features and functionality are designed to streamline employee communications across multiple experiences. Investing in this technology allows companies to optimize their workplace services, including communication and engagement tools, HR self-services, and more. Moreover, it helps businesses connect with their employees in ways that are personalized, relevant, and meaningful.

It offers a fully branded app that includes networking attributes such as custom logos, colors, fonts, icons, and domain names. The platform is also built for distributed and global organizations and includes a multilingual user interface. It also offers a central hub for planning, publishing, and measuring content.

The platform’s advanced analytics enable communicators to identify high-performing channels and measure the impact of their work. The software also enables them to create multiple versions of the same message, including different languages, polls, and videos. Besides, it provides various features to support employee work-life balance, such as 20 vacation days, threemonth parental leave top-up, and paid bereavement leave.


Beekeeper is an all-in-one communication and productivity app for frontline workers, designed to solve the Frontline Disconnect. It connects dispersed workforces and combines crucial operational systems into one intuitive employee portal on Samsung rugged mobile devices.

Messages from leadership or internal communications teams often get lost in translation, but Beekeeper provides an open, mobile platform for real-time one-on-one and group conversations. Dedicated streams deliver important operational messages to specific groups, roles and locations with the click of a button.

With Beekeeper, managers can quickly fill shifts and offer flexibility to reduce absenteeism. They can also post daily tasks, checklists and documents for employees to complete and track progress. They can also link forms to 3rd party payroll systems and give employees direct access to their monthly pay summary in Beekeeper. Beekeeper also offers multilingual capabilities to help employees communicate with each other in their native language. All data is securely encrypted and protected with ISO 27001 certification and advanced firewall protection.


Homebase combines employee scheduling, time tracking, and payroll into one unified system. It provides managers with visibility into labor costs and automates time-off policies. It also integrates with POS systems, such as Clover, Poynt, Talech, and Square, to manage staffing and shifts.

Managers can use Homebase to create schedules with a drag-and-drop interface and share them via mobile or email. They can also create Open Shifts and assign team members to them. Homebase’s geo-tracking feature ensures that employees clock in at the correct location. It also helps prevent buddy punching.

With Homebase, managers can easily create and send personalized shout-outs to high-performing employees. They can also reward their teams for meeting sales goals or going above and beyond by selecting the type of achievement they want to recognize. They can also choose whether they want to notify their entire team or just the employees who are recognized. These positive reinforcements are an excellent way to keep employees engaged and happy.

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is a user-friendly unified messaging platform that accelerates work conversation and encourages team collaboration. It helps employees stay on the same page and share work files via direct messages, within groups, or shared spaces. It also provides work communication tools such as screen sharing, audio-video calls, and chat.

Its UI is clean and organized, and it offers a variety of filters to narrow down images, videos, text files, locations, URLs, flagged messages, read receipt tagged messages, and message content. It also lets users mark common groups as favorite groups and view the list of their orange members.

It is available in three pricing packages, ranging from $1 per month to $10 per month. It is a great option for teams that need to keep their remote workers in the loop. It is also compatible with multiple devices, including desktop PCs and mobile phones. It offers many advanced features, such as chat history and search functionality.

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