February 28, 2024

Flowers have a long tradition of being gifts for friends and family. Today they are especially popular for the occasion of the Immaculate and birthdays. In our online store you can find bouquets of flowers selected and prepared for the different seasons.

Giving flowers is a worldwide tradition. But there are important variations between different countries. For example, in Italy yellow flowers could have a negative meaning. And in France, violet flowers have a more positive meaning.

The gift of flowers for the mother is a gesture full of energy and meaning. Although it is not necessary to celebrate any date like Mother’s Day, this is an ideal gift to convey your friendship and affection to your mother.

Thanks to innovation, today you can give flowers to your family and friends around the world and even in your own place. And also, you can give plants to your house so that it becomes a gesture of trust for them. Regalar flores

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