February 28, 2024

As so many families have experienced over the years and more so in the last several years, many of us have been faced with the unpleasant, stressful, and unhappy situation where our loved ones, a parent, spouse, or another family member, have reached the point in their life where it is no longer possible for them to live by themselves, or live in their current residence without around-the-clock care giving. Our family has been faced with this situation recently.

When the person that you or others are providing care giving to is faced with health issues that are beginning to take their toll, and possibly combined with the onset of dementia, there comes the time when alternatives must be researched and considered for the safety and well being of the person receiving the care. Not only is there a toll being paid by the elderly person, there may be a heavy burden placed on the care giver who no longer feels qualified to properly care for the family member or elderly person they’ve been caring for, for months or years.

When dementia is added to the health issues that may be present, there becomes a more urgent push to make the move to relocating the elderly person to a more suitable alternative care facility. Or, if money is not an issue, it may be time to push for 24 hour, 365 day, 7 day a week care giving; providing the needed security of knowing that there is someone always present to help the elderly person with the health, hygiene, and day-to-day functioning (safely).

Compounded the situation is the fact that it is highly likely that the elderly family member or person in your care is not ready to make that move and transition. And, it may be at such a level of distain where they become combative or argumentative, and put up quiet a ruckus whenever the subject is raised. Not only are they going through a very stressful time and thoughts, so is the care giver. If the care giver(s) is a family member who has been given the responsibility to make the decision for the person in their care, the burden can be overwhelming; presenting stress and health issues to the care giver.

This is no easy decision or event for anyone involved; planning ahead for this day is highly recommended. Reaching out to others who have experienced this heart wrenching and nerve racking life choice is probably a very good idea. There are hundreds if not thousands of elderly care related services, organizations, Internet web sites, and consultants that provide a wealth of knowledge and guidance to help you through this elderly care life-changing event  Our best regards to you with your personal situation. caregiver jobs toronto

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