September 22, 2023

In a world where sometimes we feel alone, it makes us feel better to think about angels that some believe are watching over us as we go throughout our days. For those who need a little uplift at the beginning of the winter holidays, you may want to give gifts that focus on these special creatures. You can find a wide array of angel gifts, which can include angel dolls, figurines and angel jewelry appropriate for all your loved ones. They make feel-good gifts that your gift recipients will respond to and appreciate long after the holidays are over.

There are many holiday-themed angel figurines for your consideration. Designer Thomas Kinkade offers several angel figure statues, one in particular that is dressed in a vintage-looking blue robe with white trim and long gown. The robe is thrown open, and inside the robe is a charming holiday scene of a family outdoors in the snow, admiring the bright lights coming from theirs and neighboring homes. The angel holds a lantern in her hand that lights up the statue, giving it a warm glow that will brighten any room in your home that you wish to give a holiday accent. Another Kinkade winter angel has a glorious robe, upon which is depicted a lovely and ornate winter village scene, and this statue also lights up.

The relationship between matriarch and children is also depicted in the angel figure lines of several artists. There are angel figurines that focus on the relationship of mother to son or daughter, as well as grandmother to granddaughter or grandson. Some of the handcrafted porcelain figurines also include musical elements, so you can enjoy a favorite song by simply turning a key on the back of the figurines while looking at your prized statues.

For the animal lover on your list, you could go for a Kitten Angels tabletop tree. This statue, which also lights up, features a bevy of beautiful felines in all types of coat colorations, all wearing angel wings and a star over the head of the top kitten.

You can also find angel jewelry in styles such as necklaces with pendants, earrings or bracelets. Swarovski, known for their crystals, makes a “Heaven’s Little Angels” Swarovski crystal charm bracelet. There are ten uniquely designed angel charms, with a beautiful crystal separating each one on the charm bracelet.  Cherub Figurine

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