December 6, 2023

Energy medicine, also called energy healing or biofield therapy, aims to restore the flow of energy throughout your body. Unlike traditional Western medicine, which treats the symptoms of illness, energy healing addresses the root causes of your health problems. In some cases, re-balancing your energy field may eliminate the need for conventional treatments.

Veritable energy medicine uses techniques that have been scientifically validated to treat a specific disease or condition. This includes acupuncture, which has been shown in controlled clinical trials to be effective in treating many conditions. Other examples of veritable energy medicine include pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) and medical qi gong.

Putative energy medicine, on the other hand, claims to use unproven techniques that manipulate a person’s biofield to affect the health of their physical body. Examples of putative energy healing modalities include spiritual healing, hands of light, therapeutic touch, reiki, magnetic healing (now historical term not to be confused with magnet therapy), crystal healing, pranic healing and distant healing.

Eden Energy Medicine takes a modern mind-body approach to personalizing each session to the unique energetic imbalances and chakras in your body. These techniques involve postures, tapping and gentle laying on of hands, stimulating energy acupressure points, and the use of intention to bring the body back into balance. Then, each client is given a home-care routine that they can do on their own to maintain their energy balance between sessions. Taking this holistic approach to your well-being can help ease stress, improve mood and boost immune function while reducing pain, inflammation and depression.

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