February 23, 2024

With proper maintenance and care, your furnace, boiler, or ductless mini-split system is designed to keep your home comfortable for years to come. However, even the best equipment can experience unexpected issues from time to time. When a heater malfunctions, it can turn into an emergency that requires immediate attention. Thankfully, there are certain signs that indicate it’s time to call for emergency heating services.

If you notice a burning smell in your home, this is a clear indicator that there is a serious electrical issue with your equipment. Leaving this unchecked can lead to further damage, higher repair costs, and possibly a complete system breakdown. Pooling water in your basement or a sudden electrical outage are also indicators that it’s time to call for HVAC repair immediately.

When to Use EM Heat
While your heating system is set to automatically turn on emergency heat when temperatures dip, you can manually activate it when necessary. When this setting is activated, it bypasses your heat pump and directly accesses your backup electric or natural gas furnace to bring in warm air. This setting should only be used if your heat pump has broken down and you can’t wait to have a technician fix it.

Remember, any situation that affects the safety of your family or pets is considered an emergency. Always choose a reliable emergency HVAC repair service with positive customer reviews and testimonials. If your heater needs to be repaired, make sure you choose a professional who offers 24/7 emergency services to keep your family safe and warm. Emergency Heating services

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