December 6, 2023

Product Description
Add a touch of the intergalactic to your collection with this Lilo and Stitch Hoodies from Fanatics. Featuring stylised character artwork of the mischievous alien and his lil’ dog-like friend, this comfy hoodie is ideal for fans of the heartwarming Disney film.

Masquerading as a human, 626 (better known by his name of Stitch) is adopted by a lonely girl named Lilo Pelekai (voiced by Dakota Fanning). After a series of failed attempts to be loved by her family, including a disastrous hula competition, Lilo decides she will only love Stitch if she can teach him how to live in the Hawaiian spirit of ohana.

This is followed by two seasons of the Disney television series, a 2002 video game, and other spin-off material including the Japanese anime series and Chinese animated TV show, both of which feature some members of the original film’s production crew. The latter two, along with the television film Leroy & Stitch, form a bridge between the original film and its direct-to-video sequels.

Ex-Captain Gantu (Kevin Michael Richardson) is hired by the evil Dr. Hamsterviel to capture all of Jumba’s experiments, but Gantu and his reluctant partner, Experiment 625 (Rob Paulsen), end up falling in love with Lilo. Meanwhile, Stitch and his friends, Yuna, Tigerlily Sakai, and Pleakley, move in with another family. During this season, Stitch also tries to complete 43 good deeds to appease the Chitama Spiritual Stone that grants wishes and to become the strongest being in the universe. Lilo and Stitch Hoodies

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