November 30, 2023
How to Turn on Dark Mode on Your iPhone

How to Turn on Dark Mode on Your iPhone

Dark mode can make your apps look a lot better, especially in low-light environments. It also can help save battery life on iPhones with OLED screens.

You can turn on dark mode by enabling the feature in Settings or Control Center. You can even set it to switch on automatically based on time of day.

How to turn on dark mode

Whether you want to save battery life on your iPhone or simply improve how you see things on your device, turning on dark mode can make a huge difference. The feature is available on all iPhone models running iOS 13 and newer, and it makes everything from text to images look sharper and more eye-friendly.

You can turn on dark mode by heading to Settings and then tapping Display & Brightness. From here, you can choose whether to go with a light or dark theme and even set your phone to automatically switch between them based on the time of day.

The default setting is to have your iPhone switch to dark mode at sunset and then back to light mode as the sun rises, but you can also create your own custom schedule by tapping on the options button and selecting a time period of your choosing. You can also add a shortcut to the Control Center to quickly switch between dark and light mode.

Apple’s digital assistant Siri can also help you activate or disable dark mode on your iPhone. All you need to do is say “Hey Siri, turn on dark mode” or “Hey Siri, enable dark mode.” If you want to disable dark mode, just repeat these steps and say “Hey Siri, turn off dark mode.”

How to turn it off

Dark mode is one of the latest iPhone features that have helped many users improve their viewing experience and battery life. It’s also an excellent way to make apps look more appealing and reduce eye strain, particularly in low-light conditions.

Apple introduced this feature in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. It helps to maximize the display’s contrast to improve the eyes’ comfort and reduce glare on the screen, making it ideal for watching videos or reading books. It’s an extremely popular feature that’s now available on all iPhones and iPads, especially those with OLED screens.

If you’re wondering how to turn on dark mode on an iPhone, you can do so easily and efficiently with Control Center. It’s the simplest and most hands-on way to activate this feature on an iPhone.

You can also use Siri to switch on the feature and disable it at any time if you wish. Just ask Siri to “Turn dark mode on” and it will do so automatically for you.

Another good way to turn on dark mode is to use the Settings app. Simply open the app and navigate to “Display & Brightness,” then select “Light” or “Dark.” Once you’ve chosen your preferred mode, you can set a schedule for dark mode by tapping on Options.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose to activate night mode at sunset and sunset to sunrise or opt for a custom schedule. You can also adjust the auto-switching feature to switch on and off at a specific time of day, such as when you’re taking pictures in poor light.

Finally, if you’re using an older iPhone that doesn’t have this option, you can use the ‘Focus Filters’ feature to override dark mode on specific apps. This means that your phone will automatically switch to light mode for certain apps when they are opened, and it will then change back to dark mode when you close those apps.

How to adjust the brightness

When it comes to using your iPhone at night, it’s important to keep the screen brightness low. This will help prevent eyestrain and ensure that you can sleep better.

Your iPhone X and later can adjust its brightness automatically, depending on the lighting in your surroundings. This is called Auto-Brightness, and it’s pretty useful if you’re spending a lot of time in dark environments.

However, there may be times when you’d prefer to control the screen’s brightness. You can do this from the Control Center or through the Settings app.

First, check if Auto-Brightness is enabled. It’s on (green) by default, and you can toggle it off in the settings.

Another option is to turn on Night Shift, which dims the screen to a sepia color. It can be turned on through Settings or Control Center, and it can also be set to come on automatically when you change your setting to “Auto” or if it’s time to switch to Dark Mode.

To activate Night Shift, swipe up from the bottom or down from the top of your screen to open the Control Center on an iPhone X or later, and then tap the Night Shift toggle in the bottom right corner.

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