February 21, 2024

Whether you’re looking for a light tote to carry on the beach or a sophisticated leather bag to hold all your 9 to 5 essentials, Michael Kors offers the perfect handbag style for every occasion. With a wide range of sizes and colors, there is a Michael Kors tote to suit your lifestyle.

While the styles and trends may change, Michael Kors bags remain a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. The American designer’s signature Jet Set line mixes classic sportswear with an innate sense of glamour, giving the brand a timeless and elegant feel. If you’re shopping for the perfect new bag, we recommend a Michael Kors tote in supple leather with gold-tone hardware.

How to Tell if It’s a Real Michael Kors Tote

Authentic Michael Kors bags are well-constructed with straight stitching and clean lines. If a bag has uneven or frayed edges, it’s likely a fake. Also look for the Michael Kors logo, which should be embroidered in a circular design and appear uniform throughout the fabric. Also, the hardware should be polished and shiny—if it’s dull or plastic-looking, it’s probably a fake.

You can also find a true Michael Kors tote by looking at the tag on the inside of the bag. The tag should state “Made in China.” This is not a sign of a fake Michael Kors bag, but it’s worth noting that the brand isn’t as transparent about where its items are made as some other luxury brands. Michael Kors tote

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