February 23, 2024

Energy gemstone bracelets are a powerful tool to aid you in your intentions. These bracelets are known to provide calming effects and a sense of connection to the world and its energy. Often, they are crafted with a single gemstone based on its color, metaphysical properties or chakra association and then accented with neutral-color stones like lava rock or quartz crystal. They are similar to mala bracelets and yoga bracelets and are worn in a similar way.

These boho strands are the perfect addition to your daily routine to boost your intention and manifest what you want out of life. Whether you desire passion in your relationships, motivation at work or clarity of mind, these healing bead bracelets help to bring about the positive results you crave.

Awaken your intuition with the Divine Feminine Moonstone Bracelet, a simple yet profound symbol of female power and the moon’s energy to nurture and love. For those who want to manifest a more ambitious life, this bracelet with Garnet Hematite beads and a brass Tree of Life charm is for you. It encourages you to live your dreams with a fiery drive while maintaining balance with your reality.

You can also harness the positive energy of the sun with our Contagious Optimism Bracelet featuring citrine stones that mirror sunlight and citrus fruits to feed positivity. Each of these bracelets are crafted with the highest quality materials to ensure that they remain strong, sturdy and durable in your day-to-day wear. energy gemstone bracelets

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