September 23, 2023

Level 3 & Early Learning Centres

A Cache level 3 is a childcare qualification in the UK that provides individuals with the skills and knowledge to work with children from birth to five years. It is a higher-level qualification than a standard nursery nurse and will help individuals to secure employment in a variety of childcare settings, including creches, preschools and after-school clubs.

Those who hold a Cache level 3 will also be able to apply for positions as nannies, au pairs and child minder, among other roles. In addition, having this qualification will help individuals to improve their pay and career prospects within the childcare sector.

Early Learning Foundations focuses on neuro (brain) development and uses a multi-sensory approach to teach math. Its goal is not to simply teach basic number recognition, but rather to produce strong pathways in the brain that lead to academic success. The program teaches students how to build these pathways using a daily review and spiraling concepts.

Day Care

For children who are three to five years old, day care provides a safe and loving environment where they learn from experienced teachers and participate in age-appropriate activities. Children often spend more than one year with the same teacher, which helps them develop a strong relationship and gives the teacher the opportunity to observe and track each child’s progress.

Licensed centre-based day cares meet high health, safety and child development standards. Educators employed in licensed centres have training in child development, first aid and comprehensive background checks. Educators working 65 hours or more per month must also have an Early Childhood Education (ECE) Level 1 certification.

Early Learning and Child Care Investments

The Government of PEI is making investments to improve the quality of child care and expand access for families across the Island. This includes increasing the number of spaces for infants, adding support for new parents and helping family home centre operators become more successful.

Family home centres are a key part of the Island’s child care system. Funding is available to help them improve their operations. These incentives include grants of up to $3,000, based on the size of the group.


The quality of early learning experiences is critical to children’s future success in school and life. High quality preschool programs offer children a supportive and enriching environment and help them reach their full potential.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has established the following early learning investment priorities:

Early learning investments in PEI are focused on improving access to high-quality child care for all, expanding access for families who need it most and investing in quality. The new investments will improve the quality of existing programs and services and will support the expansion and growth of new ones.


High quality early learning can improve outcomes and convey long-term benefits for children in school and throughout life. However, providing access and improving quality will require significant financial and operational attention.

YWCA Greater Cleveland Early Learning Center (ELC) is an inclusive and therapeutic child care setting that serves children ages 3 to 5 years. The program uses a two-generational, trauma-informed model that addresses social-emotional needs, helps families create case plans, achieve goals and maintain self-sufficiency.

The ELC offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum centered on learning centers and themes that change throughout the year. Parents stay engaged through various communication channels, family events, support groups and parent action teams. Faculty and staff are experts in their fields, maintaining the latest knowledge of best practices for teaching and child development. Cache level 3 and Early learning centres

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