December 6, 2023

If you’re tired of the ice-filled, waterlogged mess that is your traditional cooler, it’s time to upgrade. A camping refrigerator will let you keep food and drinks cold with electricity rather than ice. They also allow for better temperature control so you can keep meat fresh and ice cream frozen, instead of just chilling a few beers.

Whether you need something compact enough to fit in your tent or a fridge large enough for your van, there’s an option for everyone. You can even find fridges with dual zones and reversible lids to fit your specific vehicle or storage needs. With so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the possibilities, but a few key factors can help you narrow your choices:

Capacity and Exterior Dimensions

To decide which capacity is right for you, assess your needs and the space you have available in your vehicle. You’ll need to balance the amount of food and drinks you want to store against how much weight you can handle (especially if you plan on using your fridge while driving).

Brand and Warranty

Dometic is a top-rated brand when it comes to camping fridges, with an excellent warranty and great customer support. Their fridges are rugged, with efficient compressors and top-tier battery monitoring systems. If you’re looking for a budget option, BougeRV has some of the best 12-volt fridges for camping at rock-bottom prices. Their CR Series is the smallest battery-free option, while their E Series offers more space up to 50 L.

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