February 23, 2024

Build a YouTube community that shares your vision and supports your success. Your video content is the foundation of your YouTube channel, but it’s the community that keeps viewers coming back for more. Community members share videos with their friends and family, promote your content on social media, and even support you financially on a subscription basis or as a Patreon contributor. Think of your community as a social army of promoters and a focus group that’s not afraid to tell you what they like and don’t like.

YouTube’s Community tab is a Facebook-like forum that allows creators to engage with their audience beyond just video. This is where you can post gifs, text, photos and polls to communicate with your audience. You can also use this space to announce upcoming content, such as new videos or livestreams.

Using your Community tab for behind-the-scenes photos or short sneak peeks can generate excitement and interest in upcoming videos. You can also post calls to action on your Community tab, such as asking viewers to help you win a contest or check out a new product.

Be sure to monitor the performance of your Community posts on the YouTube Analytics page. You may need to tweak your content or schedule posts if you see low engagement levels. Building a YouTube community

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