February 28, 2024

Women’s knickers are a staple underwear style that, like bras and undies, come in many fabrics, styles and sizes. They typically cover the front of the groin and can range from full coverage, like those formerly called granny panties, to very minimal rear coverage, like thongs. They’re also referred to as panties, drawers, knickerbockers or smalls (although the latter two are British terms) and are sometimes decorated with lace and bands.

When you’re shopping for a pair, a few important things to consider are the fabric’s weight and moisture-wicking properties. You’ll want to avoid anything too clingy, which can cause friction and, ultimately, chafing. The best knickers for you will feel soft and stretchy while being breathable to keep your vagina from overheating.

The most popular material for knickers is cotton, which is a natural, comfortable and affordable fabric that’s recommended by many ob/gyns. Other options include bamboo, hemp and organic cotton, which is also a great choice because it’s sustainably sourced.

For those with very sensitive skin, look for panties that are made from modal, which is a blend of cotton and rayon. This fabric has a similar texture to silk and is soft, stretchy and moisture-wicking.

A favorite for new moms, high-waisted knickers can offer extra support for postpartum bellies and hips. Montinique Dever, founder of the swimwear brand Riot Swim, recommends Boob’s briefs for this reason and says they were “the only underwear I wore after my C-section.” These low-cut panties sit at your hips and offer full bum and hip coverage that Chan finds flattering on almost any figure. They’re made with a double-layered front and no seams that dig into your skin, which Dever says makes them especially comfortable. women’s bamboo knickers

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