September 22, 2023

Window shutters north east add value to your home and are the perfect choice for any room. The stylish and contemporary look they give your home is unlike any other window dressing. They are also practical, and the ability to open or close them gives privacy and a degree of security. They can also reduce solar gain, and in some cases they may be required by local codes or homeowner’s association rules.

The different types of shutters are available in a wide range of materials, styles and colours to suit your decor. You can choose between a traditional wooden shutter, or an aluminium/aluminium composite shutter that is tough, yet beautiful. The advantage of these shutters is that they won’t warp or dent and are ideal for harsh environments such as wet rooms, bathrooms, or any area that requires a tough but good looking window treatment that will stand the test of time.

They offer superb light control with the louvres easily adjustable to direct or block out light. This makes them ideal for shaped windows or a bay and are very popular for bathrooms as they offer complete privacy. They also provide another layer of insulation to your window which can help with energy efficiency. Shutters can be made to fit a variety of shapes and sizes including arched, angled or circle windows as well as bi-fold doors (using track systems).

White shutter blinds are now one of the most sought after products in the UK as they work beautifully with any home, transforming the window and adding an extra feature. Our shutter consultants will advise you of the louver size that will benefit your space and how they can be operated to allow light and air in when closed or a degree of privacy when opened fully.

They can be fitted to either the inside or outside of the window depending on your preference and will fit most standard framed windows. For a more traditional finish, the shutters can be fixed directly to the window frame or they can be fixed with hinges for a more modern look. They can be installed as cafe style shutters that only cover the bottom half of the window or tier on tier which is where two sets of shutters are hung one above the other and can be opened, closed, and folded back independently from each other. They are a great option for town houses and three sided bay windows where privacy is a concern.

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