February 28, 2024

Counselling offers individuals a safe, supportive space to explore their thoughts and feelings, helping them understand themselves better, manage distressing emotions and improve their relationships. It is most often used to help people cope with mental health challenges but can also be useful for more common issues such as work and family problems, relationship difficulties, phobias, addictions and anxiety.

Counsellors may be trained in specific counselling methods or use a person-centred approach. Whatever the approach, it is important that a counsellor never tells their client what to do. Rather, they will work with their client to uncover the root causes of their situation and identify ways of finding solutions. It is often necessary to attend several counselling sessions before a positive change is seen, but many clients find the experience immensely helpful and empowering.

Most counselling takes place in planned, regular appointments which usually last for around 50 minutes. The frequency of these appointments will be agreed between you and your therapist. You can choose to be seen on your own, in a couple, or as part of a group with other people who have similar issues. Some counsellors offer long-term phone or online counselling.

Many people find that confiding in a counsellor is very liberating as it allows them to let go of the bottled-up emotions they have been carrying around. For many, it is like letting a ray of sunshine break through the dark clouds and illuminate their way forward. https://aylesbury.trusted-coaching.co.uk/ptsd/

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