February 28, 2024

A scara robot is a four-axis articulated robot that is commonly used in assembly and pick-and-place applications. The robot is designed with a combination of flexibility and rigidity for motion in three-dimensional Cartesian space (X, Y, Z). In general, the arm’s X and Y axes are flexible with selective compliance, while the Z axis is rigid. This configuration provides a cylindrical work envelope for the robot and allows the arm to operate at high speeds with accurate positioning.

Standard four-axis SCARA robots can dispense adhesives, tend machines, install fasteners, load and unload parts, and perform finished product inspection. They can also handle heavy or bulky products that are too large for human handling. However, they don’t have the full 3D dexterity of other types of robots, which makes them more limited in the type of applications they can be used for.

In order to successfully use a robot for an application, it must be equipped with the proper end-effector. This could be a simple gripper, or it may be a multipurpose end-of-arm tool such as a dispenser, screwdriver, or spray gun. The weight and inertia of the tool will determine the maximum payload and working radius that can be supported by the robot.

When working with a SCARA robot, a typical setup involves using a feeder system that provides the workpieces to be handled. The vision system then locates the desired workpieces and sends a coordinate signal to the robot to trigger the movement of its arm. The arm then grasps the workpiece and moves it to its destination in the machine where further processing takes place. The robot then returns the workpiece to its original position in a vertical, straight path without tilting it.

The flexibility and precision offered by a SCARA robot makes it an ideal choice for complex, repetitive applications that require high speed and accuracy, such as welding or painting. These robots are also typically lighter in weight than other types of industrial robots, which can reduce the cost and complexity of installation. Additionally, their compact size enables them to fit into smaller workspaces.

Kollmorgen offers a wide range of four-axis SCARA robots, with different arm lengths and payload capacities. All models are easy to program with a graphical user interface and offer excellent repeatability, short cycle times, and accurate positioning. They are available in a variety of specifications, including cleanroom ISO 5 options and dust- and mistproof wrists.

Our SCARA robots are engineered and manufactured with your unique requirements in mind. We combine unmatched expertise in robotic motion with local collaboration to help you develop your prototype quickly and effectively. We then produce your robots at a global scale, ensuring you receive the high quality and performance you need to meet your production goals. Contact a local sales team to learn more about how our SCARA robots can improve your processes. We look forward to hearing from you!

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