February 23, 2024

A call answering service is a phone call answering solution that takes your calls when you’re not available to answer them. These services can be a lifesaver for small businesses, contractors, and solo entrepreneurs that are looking to streamline their customer service or improve productivity.

The best call answering services offer a wide range of features to make sure you can tailor them to your business’s unique needs. These features include:

Virtual receptionist: A virtual receptionist is a live person who can take calls from your customers and provide them with the information they need. The best virtual receptionists will provide a high level of customer service and will be trained to know what information to give customers to get them on the right track.

Answering service: Most people are familiar with auto-attendants that say things like “Press one to be transferred to X department” or “press 2 for billing”. Answering services work with each company to understand their unique customer service and call flow so they can represent you in the way you want to be represented. They can also set up personalised greetings and call scripts for their agents to follow so they can deliver consistent, reliable customer service.

A good answering service can offer flexible pricing options to fit your budget. For example, some companies can choose to pay per call which is ideal for seasonal trading periods when you might be expecting a large volume of calls. You can even set up call filtering so you only receive the calls you want and need to answer.

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