December 6, 2023

Voiceover artists are responsible for the off-camera narration and dialogue that accompanies many video productions. This can include anything from commercials to explain products, infomercials that promote a new product, or online recipe videos with audio directions. The job can be demanding as it requires a lot of energy to convey emotion, excitement or information through the spoken word. It also carries some health risks as the human voice is delicate and can easily be overworked.

A successful voice actor is constantly learning and expanding their skill set to increase opportunities. They are open to working across a variety of genres and are able to adapt their style to meet the needs of different clients. The ability to read quickly and confidently is essential, along with clear diction. The career has a lot of rewards, too. Many voice actors can work from home and choose their own schedule. They can often find themselves working on exciting projects such as NY Times Bestselling books or trailers for major films.

One of the most important things a voiceover artist can do is build up their portfolio with a number of quality recordings. They can then use these demos to show producers and casting directors what they are capable of. This can be a great way to gain repeat business and start building long-term relationships with clients. It’s also helpful to network with other voice actors as they can share tips and advice about their career.

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