February 28, 2024

It always seems like either everybody you know is pregnant or everybody you know is getting married. For me, I’ve got both this summer. I know no less than five pregnant women right now. Some of these babies are the first for the moms and some will have some older brothers and sisters. Regardless, I always like to give unique baby gifts for either the baby shower or for when baby comes home.

When looking for a gift, I want to give my friends something they aren’t expecting. I want to give them a gift that others want to know where they got it from. When shopping for babies, you want to find fabric that is soft, so they are comfortable. However, I have a son with sensitive skin, so softness has to be taken to a whole new level. When he was a baby, his skin was so sensitive that his diaper would leave rashes and sometimes even sores! Having experienced this myself, I am very careful over the fabric I choose to buy. Bamboo is a great choice!

Bamboo is one of the softest materials out there. It is free of chlorine and formaldehyde. Bamboo has natural wicking abilities that make it super absorbent and it naturally resists odor (which is definitely something you need with a new baby!). It also has thermal properties so your little one doesn’t overheat!

There are so many unique bamboo gifts out there. You can get bamboo washcloths, bamboo towels, bamboo baby bibs, and even bamboo bath mitts! I have also seen bamboo beanie hats and baby socks. You can usually find these in gift sets or buy them all separately and put together your own gift set. If the new baby doesn’t need clothes, another unique idea is to get bamboo crib bedding. You can buy bamboo crib sheets and blankets. A comfortable baby is a sleeping baby and that is always a plus! However, once you feel how soft and great your baby’s bedding is, most parents will run out and get themselves a set too!

Bamboo products are some of the great unique baby gifts out there. Whether you invest in bamboo bedding or bamboo clothing, you know you are making the baby who gets the gift very comfortable! You also get the peace of mind knowing that you are buying a sustainable green product, and you are making the world a better place for the little one. I know this is a gift I would have appreciated for my son.. women’s bamboo leggings

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