November 30, 2023


An excellent summersalat that’s quick and easy to make.
A delicious combination of tomato salad, feta and wurzig Zwiebeln with a tangy lemony dressing.
Exceptionally good as an addition to pizza or roasts, over onions and with saucen.

The recipe is very versatile, but it does need some careful preparation: olivenol should be a high quality oil, salt and pfeffer are important flavourings, and paprika, or more if desired, can be added for extra zing!

I have developed a system of precise reference points, which is especially helpful for gardening (planting plants in flower beds, setting out food decoratively) and cooking preparations. Afterwards, I seat people around a table and serve them the food in a well-ordered manner. A lamb that was reared like a Kobe steer and a tomato salad on a star level were just two of the ideas that were tested and enjoyed. Everyone was pleasantly surprised by the results! Tomatensalat

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