February 21, 2024

TIO2 stands for Titanium Dioxide. Its pigment is a fine white powder which is used extensively in paints, plastics, papers for giving sharp whiteness to the material. It gives paint high hiding power, meaning the ability to mask or hide a substrate. It does this more effectively than any other white pigment. Today, titanium dioxide pigment is by far the most important material used by the paints and plastics industry for whiteness and opacity. These unique properties are derived from the refractive index of titanium dioxide. The refractive index expresses the ability to bend and scatter light. Titanium dioxide has the highest refractive index of any material known to man, greater even than diamond.

The material is used as an opacifier in glass and porcelain enamels, cosmetics, sunscreens, paper, and paints. To take advantage of this property, titanium dioxide must be mined, refined and ground to a fine, uniform particle size. One of the major advantages of the material for exposed applications is its resistance to discoloration under UV light. Titanium Dioxide is found in a form known as ilmenite which is found in the iron ore.

Main uses of TIO2:

1. Pigments – As discussed earlier TIO2 used to give whiteness and opacity to products such as paints and coatings, plastics, paper, inks, fibres and food and cosmetics.

2. Anti Microbial Coating – The Titania in TIO2 has photo catalytic property which make the material a candidate for applications such as medical devices, food preparation surfaces, air conditioning filters, and sanitary ware surfaces.

3. Oxygen Sensors – Titania can be used to sense the amount of oxygen present in an atmosphere which is used for studying atmosphere. diamond painting bilder

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