February 23, 2024

Cyber Security is the technology, tools and practices that protect individuals, businesses, industries, governments and critical infrastructure from cyberattacks. A cyberattack may involve computer viruses, worms, spyware, malware, intrusion detection, unauthorized access, denial of service attacks, and much more.

With cyberattacks becoming increasingly common and devastating, it is essential to have a robust cybersecurity strategy to combat them. This includes ensuring that your organization has the proper cyber security training to protect its systems and data from hackers, malware and other threats.

It’s also important to have proper cyber protection for the different devices your employees use to work from home or remotely. This includes securing work laptops and smartphones, as well as personal Wi-Fi.

While it’s impossible to completely protect your systems and data from attackers, having the right tools and training can help. The best tools will detect the most common attack vectors, such as phishing and ransomware. They will then block these attacks before they can cause any harm.

Another important part of cyber security is ensuring that your company is protected against internal theft and malpractices. This is accomplished by having proper training, as well as ensuring that all new hires are properly vetted before being given any type of access to sensitive information or data. This will help prevent a lot of the costly cyberattacks that have been seen in recent years. This includes everything from state secrets being stolen to credit reporting agencies losing the personal data of millions of people. SOC

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