February 23, 2024

With wavy, curly and textured hair a true passion for the team at Maiden, the salon is a safe haven for curls. Their specialised curl menu and deconstructed dry cutting technique has led to an incredible rise in their curly clientele.

Jess is a wavy, curly hair specialist who believes in empowering clients to embrace their natural waves, curls and coils. Using a deconstructed approach to dry cutting with an artistic flare, she creates shapes that compliment each client’s curl type, personal features and personality.

A former model with a love of all things kinks and loops, Morley is a high priestess of a cult of ringlets. Her Fitzroy salon is a shrine to curls and she’ll have none of that modern-day blow wave palaver. In fact, she even has a book called ‘Curls: the Bible’.

Swathed in Aveda aromas and a clientele that has ‘curl love’ written all over it, Rhodes is a salon that will leave you feeling like a rock star. They offer precision dry cutting methods, such as the Deva haircut, which lifts weight and defines each curl individually. They’re so good at this, that their clients (or curlfriends) travel interstate to experience them. melbourne curly hair salon

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