February 28, 2024

Despite a shaky economy coffeeshops in Amsterdam remain popular with both locals and visitors alike. They are the perfect place to relax, smoke a joint or two and eat some quality food. The city is not immune to overtourism however, and the closure of a few shops has been blamed on this phenomenon by some. But with more than 120 to choose from there is still a good chance you can find one that suits your needs and taste.

If you’re looking for something a bit different to the dark speakeasy style that characterises many of the city’s best weed spots try Dampkring on Rosmarijnsteeg. They set themselves apart by having a really cool design that draws inspiration from Arabic, Bohemian and Buddhist sources to create a mind expanding atmosphere that’s tranquil and relaxing. And with floor-to-ceiling windows that open on nice days to the street they also get a big tick for being a great place to smoke in summer.

Another of the higher end shops is Amnesia on Bergstraat. They have a refined and high-end feel to their space with plenty of comfy seating for groups and even some canal side tables in good weather. They’re famous for their milkshakes but the cannabis menu isn’t to be sniffed at either, with some of Amsterdam’s finest strains being available here.

It’s a short walk from Centraal station to find Prix D’Ami which boasts of being the largest coffeeshop in both Amsterdam and the world – although it doesn’t look that way from its modest exterior on one of the narrower streets in the city centre. Inside you’ll find five large smoking rooms, a cinema and live TV sports rooms, as well as a massive selection of cannabis including the likes of Laughing Buddha and Liberty Haze.

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