September 22, 2023

Then you finally understand the harm of fumes that you are inhaling to your longs every day and start to search for stop smoking tip, you not expecting to find that magic button that will leave you smoke free, are you? I hope not, because it does not exist.

Then you trying to quit smoking, you are confronting two “monsters”. One is nicotine addiction and the other is your own subconscious mind, which is thinking that smoking is a natural process to your body, but we all know it is not. It all started years ago then we lighted the cigarette for the first time and after first inhalation of fumes our body was refusing it followed by coughing. But we carried on and on till our bodies adopted this poison. As it took some time to get use to smoking, it will also take some time to stop.

Couple years ago I asked a friend for quit smoking advice and he answered me with a question: “Which methods have you tried?” That was probably the best stop smoking tip I ever had.

Finding your own way

Nowadays there is a plenty ways to chose from. Hypnotherapy, nicotine replacements, electronic cigarette, stop smoking pills, herbal medicine, stop smoking tea and many more. There is no perfect solution for everybody, that is why the best stop smoking tip will be to try them all until you find the right one. Some might say these treatments are quite expensive. But then you think about it, if you tried one of the methods and say, after two weeks you failed, then what you got is a tick on the list that this method is not working and move to the next one. During them two weeks while trying to quit you did not smoke that much, did you? So when you count the cost of cigarettes and how much you spent on your treatment, it works out not that expensive at all. On top of that, you are trying to live healthier. How much would it cost you and your family if you get a lung cancer?

It might be beneficial to combine couple products/methods together and if that did not work try another combination. Simple stop smoking tip: it is very important to tell people around you that you are trying to quit smoking. Some of them maybe will be skeptical about your decision, but most of them will try to support you and it will give you more confidence. Even if you failed, do not judge your self for it, just give another try when you ready. There is a way to quit for everyone, its only needs to be found. And remember- the most expensive and precious thing in our life is a health of yours and your loved ones. 電子煙

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