September 23, 2023

Senior mutual insurance helps seniors pay for their care. It is not an insurance policy but a way to cover the costs of long term care. It is a cost effective option for many seniors who need long term care services.

The Registrant maintained a segregated account on the books of its custodian and included in that segregated account cash or liquid securities (regardless of type) having an aggregate value, measured on a daily basis, at least equal to the covered obligations.

The relationship of insurance sector and Internet is not old enough instead; recently life insurance companies have started operating on internet platform for customer approach, segmentation and retention. A successful online insurance strategy works as a business empowerment for companies in India. However, the usage of Internet in India is although very low when compared to other countries globally. India is last amongst BRIC nations in terms of Internet use. But, in last one decade various business, marketers, retailers have started using Internet except its use by government and general public. Similarly, insurance sector especially private companies got involved on internet platform to reach customer in easier format making them aware about their policies sitting in office.

The insurance sector is playing a effective business on internet platform where customer can buy& compare policy, talk to executive, make claims and renewals all process a one click.  complémentaire santé

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