February 21, 2024

Cotton rounds might be a staple in your beauty kit, but they’re also a big source of waste. Each one only gets used once, and then they get tossed in the trash. It’s not only a problem for the environment, it’s also bad for your skin since single-use cotton balls and rounds are usually filled with harsh chemicals. Thankfully, there are better alternatives. Reusable cotton rounds are an eco-friendly alternative to the single-use version you probably use, and they can be washed and reused for a longer period of time. They can be used for applying toner, removing makeup, and more. The best part is, if you make the switch to these sustainable alternatives, you’ll be saving money in the long run too because reusable cotton rounds last longer than their disposable counterparts.

When shopping for reusable cotton rounds, look for products made with bamboo or organic cotton. Both materials are softer than regular cotton, so they’ll be gentle on your skin and won’t shed microplastics during washing. You should also look for a package that comes with a wash bag, a plastic-free storage box, or both. These features are essential to keeping the reusable cotton pads clean, and they help reduce landfill waste too.

One of the best reusable cotton rounds you can buy is this set from Kitsch. It’s a multitasker that can be used to apply toner, remove makeup, or even apply a clay mask. It’s made with a blend of 100 percent natural, plant-based cotton and bamboo fibers to be extra soft. This set also comes with a reusable, waterproof travel pouch so you can bring it along on trips or keep it by your sink.

Another good option for reusable cotton rounds is this set from Green Estate. It’s made with organic cotton and comes with a cute faux croc pouch that’s perfect for weekend getaways or keeping by your sink. It’s also made with antibacterial and antimicrobial organic bamboo for added protection against germs. Plus, for every purchase, Green Estate plants a tree in need.

Lastly, these reusable cotton rounds from LastRound are another great option. They’re infused with super-absorbent charcoal to lift and remove makeup, oil, and dirt from your face. Each pack of these sustainably sourced cotton rounds saves 8,987 gallons of water and replaces 4,000 single-use cotton pads or 160 packs of 25-count makeup wipes. They’re also hypoallergenic and chemical-free.

If you’re ready to go zero-waste with your skincare routine, here are six of our favorite reusable cotton rounds. They’re softer than your typical cotton pads, and they’ll cut down on the amount of waste you produce. Just remember to use a mesh laundry bag by your sink to catch the used cotton rounds and throw them in a load of laundry when you’re done with them. You can also try using a hair net while washing your face to keep the cotton from getting into your mouth or eyes.

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