December 6, 2023

Real estate photography is a blend of art and business. Honing your artistic vision and developing a consistent style are essential for success.

Located on the edge of New Zealand’s second city, Christchurch is an active hub of renewal and restoration. The downtown area showcases historic buildings alongside new developments and a vibrant culture of creative creativity.


Real estate videography is a key element for real estate agents or property owners wanting to increase the quality of their listing marketing. It can be used to capture the essence of a home, as well as help potential buyers gain a more accurate sense of what it will be like to live there. It can also help to set a home apart from the competition.

The family of missing Christchurch real estate agent Yanfei Bao is hoping to hear something positive in the days ahead. She was reported missing by her Harcourts Wigram branch on Thursday after she failed to return home from work in Vickerys Rd, near the intersection of Hayton Road. Police have been piecing together her last known movements in an effort to locate her.

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The quality of real estate photos is crucial to a property’s success on the market. Buyers can easily lose interest if they don’t see a house in its best light. To capture the most enticing images, real estate photographers use a variety of techniques and camera settings. One popular method is to turn off all indoor lights and photograph the home with natural light coming through windows. This eliminates unintentional colour mixing from different lightbulb temperatures and reduces the amount of post-processing needed to correct colours. Other photographers choose to leave the lights on or supplement natural light with strobes or always-on lighting.

Another tip is to use a wide-angle lens with a focal length of 14 mm or 16 mm, which helps to capture more of the room without distortion. If you’re using an ultra-wide lens, be careful not to introduce barrel distortion, where the ends of the photo curve or round. This can be an artistic choice, but it’s not ideal for real estate photography.

A skilled real estate photographer will also know how to use image retouching and photoshop software, so that photographs can be colour corrected or even have a blue sky added. Some will also provide floor plans, which can be a huge benefit for buyers who are imagining their life in a new property.


A good real estate camera is a key tool for anyone looking to start a career as a property photographer. A pro-level DSLR is ideal, but a high-quality mirrorless camera can also work well. Both will need a quality wide lens to capture the best possible shots. Choosing a lens with a focal range of about 10-24mm is ideal, but you can choose a wider one for certain situations.

You’ll also need a tripod to ensure your photos are sharp and crisp. Additionally, you’ll need a flash to light your indoor scenes. While natural light works well in most cases, it can be difficult to capture a complete picture of a room without using a flash. To achieve this, you’ll need to take several exposures of the same scene and then combine them in post-processing to create a high dynamic range image.

The first step to starting a real estate photography business is to find clients. This may require a bit of networking, but it’s worth the effort in the long run. If you’re a skilled photographer, you can find a steady stream of new customers. To help you get started, make sure to have a professional website and social media accounts. You can also include your contact information on business cards and flyers to promote yourself.


Real estate is a competitive industry, and it’s important to stand out from the competition. One way to do this is by using drone videography. This technology is a great way to showcase properties from different angles, highlight the property’s surroundings, and create a professional and engaging video. It can also save you time and money, and help you sell your property faster.

Drone videography can be used to capture aerial shots of the property and its surrounding areas, giving potential buyers a comprehensive view of the home. It can also be used to capture close-ups of the garden, swimming pool, or architectural details. This will give the viewer a sense of scale and depth, and help them imagine themselves living in the space.

If you’re looking for a drone videographer, consider hiring one through an online marketplace. Sites like Upwork allow you to easily find and hire skilled professionals. Simply provide the details of your project, and qualified candidates will send you proposals within 24 hours. You can then chat or video call with the candidates, and compare proposals to find the best match. real estate videography Christchurch

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