February 21, 2024

A meal delivery service takes the hassle out of getting dinner on the table. Most services have frozen options for busy weeknights when you can’t make it to the grocery store and are a healthier option than takeout. But some services have taken this to the next level with ready-to-eat prepared meals that come in their own containers and require just a quick heat or reheat.

Prepared meals delivered are shipped in insulated, recyclable and compostable containers to keep your food fresh and ready for when you get home. Some meals are fully cooked and only require a few minutes in the microwave to heat up and serve, while others are uncooked and just need to be assembled, like you would if they were homemade. The cost of these meals varies, depending on the meal prep company and menu items. But they are usually a less expensive option than going out to restaurants or preparing at home, and they can be delivered to you at your convenience.

You can order these ready meals a la carte or as part of a curated meal kit that includes options such as the Smoked Bone-In Ham Dinner. This includes a juicy 6.5-pound smoked ham, cheesy roasted potatoes and pocket pumpkin pies. Other meal kit options include grilled chicken tacos, vegan burgers and an Indian dinner. The dishes are all made with organic ingredients and are either vegetarian or plant-based. If you choose a subscription plan, you can choose to skip a week’s orders by logging into your account, selecting Your Upcoming Orders and then choosing the week you would like to skip.

If you live in New York City, this meal prep delivery service delivers prepared meals right to your doorstep. Meals are dietitian-approved and designed to fit your healthy lifestyle. They also offer a number of curated meal bundles and menu options, including meals for diabetics and those who follow the calorie-controlled Balance plan.

Each meal is made with organic and non-GMO ingredients, with most being vegan or vegetarian. The company offers a sample pack and bundle packs to try out the service, as well as a monthly or weekly subscription that can be canceled anytime.

Founded by two sisters, this restaurant-inspired meal prep delivery service creates gourmet, chef-prepared meals that are delivered to your doorstep each week. The dishes are packaged in reusable and recyclable glass containers to help reduce waste. They are ready to eat after a few minutes in the microwave, and you can choose from breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Purple Carrot is a vegetarian-friendly meal delivery service that has an extensive menu of ready to eat and ready to reheat dishes that are packed in environmentally friendly packaging. All the meals are research-backed and offer high nutritional value, with a focus on nutrient density. ready meals delivered

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