February 28, 2024

Norcold is a well-known name in the norcold rv refrigerator market, and it makes some of the most reliable units on the road. The company offers a variety of models with different size options to meet the needs of everyone from small families to large groups.

Norcold Refrigerators Are Known for Durability

Like all top-quality refrigerators, Norcold RV fridges are designed to withstand years of use in harsh environments, and they come with plenty of features that can keep your food fresh and your family comfortable. These include temperature sensors that automatically shut the unit off if it gets too hot, and energy-saving features that reduce your fuel consumption.

The Norcold Cold Weather Kit is a great solution to prevent frost from building up inside the fridge compartment, and it can also be useful if you’re experiencing freezing temperatures in your RV. This device plugs into the back of the refrigerator and draws 12V to power a heating strip on a weak solution tube that helps prevent ice from forming inside.

This is an inexpensive piece of kit, and it’s very simple to install on your own. It’s also easy to remove the old part and replace it with a new one on your own, should you need to.

You can find these kits for sale at many RV supply stores. The kit includes a replacement thermistor, which is a tiny electric resister that monitors the temperature of the ammonia solution and determines whether to turn on or off. It also includes a replacement gasket, which is a thin layer of rubber that’s used to seal the front door to the cabinet.

Having problems with your Norcold RV refrigerator? It’s never fun to hear that your icebox isn’t working, but the good news is that most problems can be resolved easily.

Norcold has a full range of compact and full-sized RV refrigerators that run off LP gas, 12-volt DC or 120-volt AC with auto-switching. These models range in size from 3 to 5.5 cubic feet, and four-door models are available in 12 or 18 cubic feet.

These appliances are known for their reliability and quiet operation. They’re easy to operate, too, with a simple on/off button in the control panel between the freezer and fresh food compartments.

Most Norcold refrigerators run off propane and electricity, and they automatically switch between the two when the power is out. However, some of the Polar DC/12V Series units run solely on a 12-volt current from your RV’s house battery.

If you’re having trouble with your Norcold RV fridge, check the fuses first to make sure they’re working correctly. These fuses are located behind a small black box that sits on the inside of the unit, usually in the lower-left corner.

Once you’ve identified which fuses are blown, it’s time to replace them. These parts aren’t as expensive as some other components, so it’s a good idea to replace them sooner rather than later to help save your RV refrigerator from becoming unusable.

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