December 6, 2023

Whether placed in a photo album or framed on a wall, milestone cards are a creative and meaningful way to commemorate a baby’s development. They also help parents keep track of all their child’s firsts, which can be easily forgotten in the busyness of parenthood. Milestone cards are available in a variety of styles and designs, and can be customized to suit specific occasions.

A baby’s first year is a time of rapid change, and parents want to capture every moment. These wooden milestone markers are the perfect photo prop to help you create timeless memories with your growing little one. They feature engraved milestones from “one month” to “twelve months,” and space to write in the date. They are gender neutral and can be used for baby girls or boys.

The Milestone card’s standard starting credit line is $700, but you won’t get immediate access to that amount: A $175 annual fee will consume a large chunk of your available credit upon opening the account. That high cost may be a deterrent for some, but the card does offer an excellent option for people with bad credit who are looking to rebuild their financial history.

The card also charges a relatively low foreign fee at 1%, well below the market average. That’s particularly important when you travel abroad, as it could make all the difference in saving money on overseas purchases. Additionally, the Milestone card is one of few unsecured cards for poor credit that doesn’t skirt the first-year fee rules that many other cards do.

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