December 6, 2023
How to Turn Off Screen Time on iPhone

How to Turn Off Screen Time on iPhone

Screen Time is a useful feature in iOS devices that can help you keep track of how much you use your device and set limits on certain apps. It also sends you weekly reports about your usage.

However, it can be frustrating if you forget your passcode and need to disable the feature without it. Thankfully, there are several ways to do this without having to enter your passcode.

1. Turn Off App Limits

The Screen Time feature on an iPhone helps you monitor how much time you spend on apps and provides you with a weekly or daily report. It also lets you set limits on your usage to encourage healthy digital habits.

The best part about Screen Time is that you can disable it at any time if you decide you no longer want to use it. To do this, simply head to the Settings app on your device and select the Screen Time option from the list of options.

Once you have turned off Screen Time, it will no longer report your app usage and no further limits or restrictions will be enforced. However, your Screen Time report will still be available for you to review from the Settings app.

If you do not have a passcode, it is possible to disable the screen time feature using iTunes on your computer. You must have iCloud active and iOS 13.4 or higher.

You can reset your Screen Time password by resetting your iPhone through this method, but you will need to backup all of your data. This will ensure that nothing is lost and you will be able to reactivate Screen Time later if you want to.

2. Turn Off Communication Limits

If you don’t want to use Screen Time to track how you’re using your phone, you can turn it off easily. Just follow these steps to deactivate it and you won’t have to worry about the feature affecting your device’s battery life or privacy in any way.

When you turn off Screen Time, you’ll also un-enable all related features like Downtime, App Limits, Communication Limits and Content & Privacy Restrictions. This means that your iPhone will be free to run without any limitations on how long it can be used and what apps it can access.

With iOS 13.3 or later, Apple added new communication limits to its Screen Time features that help parents restrict whom their kids can call or text during allowed screen time. These communication limits are a good tool for keeping your children from using their phones excessively and improving productivity in school, at work or with friends.

You can set the communication limits during allowed screen time by going to Settings > Screen Time and selecting Communication Limits. Choose the option that fits your needs, such as contacts only or Contacts & Groups with at least one contact.

To remove the communication limit, just tap Remove Limit or Delete Limit. You’ll be prompted to enter the passcode you created when you first set the limit.

In the event that you’re unable to enter the passcode, or you’ve forgotten it, you can still disable the restrictions by using your Apple ID and password. In this case, it only takes a few minutes to remove the limitations from your device.

3. Turn Off Always Allowed

Screen time is a feature on iPhone that keeps track of how much time you spend on apps and websites. It can be helpful for parents who want to monitor their children’s activity or those who are concerned about the effects of excessive device use on health.

When screen time is enabled, a daily report is generated that shows how you’ve used your iPhone, including which apps you’ve opened and the websites you’ve visited. The report also shows how long you’ve spent on each app, and lets you set limits for individual apps or entire categories of apps.

You can also turn on an option that allows you to select specific apps and contacts, so those are always allowed if needed–even during downtime (like in the event of an emergency). To do this, tap Settings > Screen Time, then tap Always Allowed.

If you need more control over how much time you or your children can use certain apps, you can also configure content and privacy restrictions. These allow you to block explicit content, limit which movies or TV shows can be watched, and set different restrictions for certain apps.

4. Turn Off Downtime

If you have an iPhone, you may be familiar with Screen Time. This feature allows you to track how much time you spend using apps and websites, and you can set limits to limit usage. It can also help you detach from your device in certain ways, like by limiting notifications or by shutting down your device.

However, if you have forgotten your Screen Time passcode, it can be a bit difficult to get rid of this limitation. You have a few options, including erasing your device or going to the service center, but there are ways to avoid both of these options.

First, you can try to turn off the specific screen time features you’re having trouble with. For example, if you’re having trouble with App Limits, you can try turning it off and back on again to see if that helps.

Second, you can try resetting your iPhone to get rid of the Screen Time limitations completely. You’ll need to back up your device and then restore it to its original state, though.

Lastly, you can try the Share Across Devices setting to control screen time on multiple devices, like a family member’s phone or a tablet. This will allow you to change settings on all devices with the same iCloud account, instead of each one individually.

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