September 22, 2023

If you’re looking for a quiet and efficient way to keep food and drinks cold, a norcold refrigerator is an excellent option. With an array of sizes, capacities and features available, it’s easy to find the perfect model to suit your needs.

With their sleek designs, Norcold refrigerators are both stylish and practical. They’re also highly energy-efficient, helping to save you money on your power bills. This makes them a great choice for RVers and boaters on the go, who need to conserve both space and power.

While Norcold fridges are renowned for their durability and reliability, they can still experience issues from time to time. Luckily, these problems are relatively rare and can be resolved with some simple troubleshooting tips.

The first thing to try if your Norcold refrigerator is acting up is to reset the system. This can be done by simply cycling the power to the unit off and on. You may need to repeat this process several times before the fridge starts operating normally again.

If your Norcold refrigerator is still not working, you may need to replace a fuse or circuit breaker. These fuses are located behind the access panel on the side of the refrigerator. If you’re unsure which fuse or breaker is responsible for the fridge not functioning properly, check your owner’s manual to get more information.

Another common issue with Norcold refrigerators is that they run continuously or won’t turn off. This is usually due to a problem with the thermostat. If you notice this issue, there is a simple solution: turn off the refrigerator’s power for 30-60 minutes and then restart it. This should reset the thermostat and stop the refrigerator from running constantly.

In some cases, a Norcold refrigerator may start leaking propane gas. If this is the case, you should shut off the fridge immediately and call for service. The leak can be dangerous because the propane can escape and come in contact with other items, such as a heat source.

One of the most important things to do before purchasing a norcold refrigerator is to make sure that it will fit into your vehicle or camper. If you’re unsure whether or not a particular model will work in your RV, it’s recommended that you visit a dealer and take measurements to determine which one will be the best fit. These measurements can be used to create conversion charts, which help you compare models from different brands to see which one will best fit your space.

Norcold offers a wide selection of refrigerators to suit your RV or camper. Their Polar Series comprises residential-style 12V DC compressor fridges in 8, 10 and 19 cubic foot models, as well as a smaller two-door option that’s ideal for vans and car camping. Alternatively, the company offers a range of compact electric-only fridges that operate off a 12-volt DC connection or 120-volt AC with auto-switching between modes.

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