December 6, 2023

Grip socks are a key piece of rugby kit for both professional and amateur players, they provide extra grip and stability for the feet. The grips are typically made from rubber or thin polyvinyl chloride (PVC), they can be positioned to provide more traction on specific areas of the foot.

One of the biggest risks during sport is falling and injuring yourself. This could be as simple as spraining an ankle, or more serious such as tearing your knee ligaments. The extra grip provided by grip socks will prevent your feet from slipping in your shoes and thus significantly reduce the chances of injury.

They can also be used for indoor sports such as trampolining, gymnastics and Pilates, where your feet are in contact with mats all the time. By providing a strong grip they help to stop your feet from slipping and allow you to move more freely, improving agility and performance.

Several of our testers loved this pair of grip socks as they were very lightweight, comfortable and had good grip elements. They also excelled in our lab tests for abrasion resistance and shrinkage. The only negative is that they were a little shorter than some of the other grip socks we tested, but that was no problem for the majority. grip socks bulk

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