February 23, 2024

From classic one-liners to new side-splitters, these funny dad jokes are sure to make you laugh out loud. Dads may have a reputation for telling corny puns and riddles, but they’re actually pretty hilarious in their own way. Despite their cheesiness, we love these dad jokes because they’re so over-the-top that they become endearing and unique to the father figure.

While it’s easy to write off the dad joke as a bad joke, it’s worth considering its origins. The fact that dad jokes are associated with fathers reveals much about how humour works, the psychological implications of joke-telling and the nature of father-child relationships.

Dad jokes typically use over-the-top puns and silliness to make you laugh. Interestingly, they’re often used to teasingly embarrass or annoy children (hence the many titles of books that compile examples of the genre like Dad Jokes for New Dads: Embarrass Your Kids Early!) and are therefore considered a form of weaponised anti-humour (Hye-Knudsen, 2021).

The cheesiness and silliness of these jokes can’t be denied, but the underlying message is also positive. Dad jokes are a reminder of the loving and wholesome relationship between parents and their children, and can be used as a way to build bonding and trust. So, the next time you hear a groan or eye-roll from a loved one when they hear a dad joke, don’t let it get to you. Instead, take the opportunity to tell a good old-fashioned dad joke of your own! funny dad jokes

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