February 28, 2024

Fun ice breakers questions get teams talking and build team bonds through self-expression, lightheartedness, and lack of right or wrong answers. They are great for new teams or groups that don’t know each other well, and help create psychological safety to facilitate more productive discussions. These fun icebreakers can also be used in 1:1s or team meetings as an alternative to more formal agenda items, such as sharing a challenge or what is going well in the project.

These icebreaker questions range from the funny, such as how would you describe yourself in one word, to the personal, such as what was the best piece of advice you ever received from a mentor. They are easy to answer, and don’t require any preparation or planning. Try answering these icebreakers first to ensure everyone feels included and can participate.

In addition to fun icebreakers, we also have a selection of work-related team building questions that you can use when creating a more professional atmosphere or connecting remote or hybrid teams. They are ideal for use during your weekly 1:1s, as the start of a team meeting, or even when trying to connect with people who you only speak to on a video call.

Awkward silences and stale chatter in team meetings can be a real pain, so why not ease your people into team bonding in fresh ways? Try these icebreakers and watch as your team grows closer. Heather Harper is an Editorial Writer specialising in organizational psychology – helping teams work better together. She is a regular contributor to Teambuilding Tips and Tricks. fun ice breaker questions

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