December 6, 2023

The Ford Bronco is back, but it hasn’t been easy for the iconic SUV. This rugged, off-road-oriented vehicle is built on a fully boxed frame and is available in both two-door and four-door versions.

These black vinyl non-woven backed tire covers are made locally in Orlando Florida by a shop that has made Dealership Tire Covers for Honda and Hummer Dealerships. They are sewn with a professional upholstery welt, which protects the stitching from the sun and elements.

Made in the U.S.A.

The Ford Bronco is a body-on-frame SUV that comes in two and four-door versions. It has a similar footprint as the Jeep Wrangler, but it rides on a longer wheelbase.

The 2021 Ford Bronco is expected to be a bit bigger than its predecessor and will offer both two-door and four-door models. This new Bronco will be a full-size SUV that will offer upscale styling and off-road capabilities.

A spare tire is a must-have for any truck owner because it allows them to quickly replace a flat tire and continue on their way. A quality spare tire cover is also important to protect the tire from dust, dirt, flying trail debris and inclement weather.

The Stage 2 Bronco hard tire cover features a color-matched molded ABS face and black texture powder-coated stainless-steel ring for an upscale look. It’s made in Colorado using the finest American sourced materials and custom painted with premium PPG automotive paint. It’s available with a variety of eye-catching designs, including patriotic American Bald Eagle and dog print patterns. The cover is held securely in place with a heavy 5/32” shock cord sewn permanently in the hem.


For decades, the Ford Bronco has been a favorite choice of off-roaders all over the United States. These rugged SUVs offer everything you need for a safe and exciting adventure off the beaten path, but one important tip that experienced drivers will tell you to follow is to always carry a spare tire. The spare tire cover in this collection is custom fit for your Bronco’s 32” or 33” 245/75R17 & 255/70R17 tires and will keep it protected from dirt, debris, rain and other elements that can damage your tire.

This heavy cover is made from high-quality vinyl that’s strong enough to handle the rigors of off-road driving and resists fading in sunlight. It’s also water resistant and dust proof, making it a durable option to keep your spare tire secure and protected. It’s also designed to fit a backup camera so you can easily see what’s behind your Bronco.

The cover is made locally in Orlando, Florida by a small U.S.-based company that treats every customer like family and is committed to delivering quality products at fair prices. It’s even backed by a three-year limited warranty, so you can buy with confidence. This cover is available in a variety of designs, including a patriotic bald eagle design that’s sure to show off your love for the United States.


Our Ford Bronco spare tire cover features a stylish, custom design to add an extra pop of color to your vehicle. Made with a professional upholstery welt on the exposed edges, this helps reinforce the fabric and give it a finished look. It’s also a strong and durable cover that will stand up to the sun and other elements.

These covers are available in many different vinyl colors, print colors, and trim colors. They can be customized with a wide variety of images and text. These covers are made in the USA and are backed by a three-year warranty. They are also a great gift for any occasion.

The collection includes patriotic bald eagle designs that will show your national pride. You can even get an eye-catching dog print design to showcase your love for pets.

You can also purchase a security kit that includes security grommets, a quality coated cable, and a Master lock to prevent your spare tire cover from being stolen. This kit is a great way to keep your vehicle safe from thieves and protect the value of your spare tire cover.

Easy to Install

The Ford Bronco is a beloved off-road vehicle that is capable of conquering many difficult terrains. Its body-on-frame construction gives it plenty of flex and articulation, so you can drive over rocks, logs, ruts, and other obstacles without damaging your car. It also has a large spare tire mounted out back, which is perfect for those unplanned off-road adventures.

A Ford Bronco hard tire cover protects the spare tire from dirt, dust, flying trail debris, and inclement weather. It is made from durable materials, so it will keep your spare tire in excellent condition for a long time. A molded thermoplastic face is paired with an automotive-grade vinyl fabric band to make the cover durable and attractive. Its design is engineered to prevent leaking or damage, and it can be customized with a logo or text to make it unique.

Choosing the right accessories for your Ford Bronco will enhance its performance and style. You can find a wide range of cosmetic accessories, like fender covers, that will keep tools and other items out of sight. A fender cover is also useful for keeping your paint clean while working on your Bronco. Some fender covers even come with a handy storage pocket for your owner’s manual, car registration, and insurance information. They are easy to install and will look great on your truck.

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