September 23, 2023

A curly hair specialist can help you manage your curls and coils with a precise, curly haircut. They can help you reshape your locks with a new shoulder-length waves, a shorter bob or even a curly pixie cut that’s easy to style. Unlike salons that specialise in straightening, extensions or colouring, curly hair specialists work with the natural volume and texture of your hair, ensuring that your kinky locks stay beautiful and healthy after your appointment.

In a world of slick blowouts and unnatural shine, these Melbourne hairdressers are embracing the beauty of curls with aplomb. They’re passionate about helping women and men look their best, and offer the kind of expertise that’s sorely lacking in the industry. From the follicular wizardry of Hermiz at Joey Scandizzo Salon to the New Zealand-born ringlet guru at Mudd in Prahran, these curly hair specialists are making waves (literally).

A great haircut should always support how you want to engage with your curls, not impose unrealistic beauty expectations on your kinky locks. It should also be easy to manage at home, requiring minimal styling or frizz management. But sadly, far too many curly hairdressers in Melbourne prioritize social media styling and product selling over effective haircutting. To find a curl-friendly hairdresser who’ll get your look spot on, check out our list of the top picks in the city.curly hair specialist Melbourne

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