December 6, 2023

Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences you will face in your lifetime. It can affect your finances, the lives of your children and your health. A qualified divorce lawyer can help you with the many complex issues involved. They can help you find a settlement that is fair and equitable to both parties. They can also advise you on other family law matters such as prenuptial agreements and paternity cases.

Divorcing spouses must determine how to divide their property and debts. A good attorney will ensure that all assets are properly accounted for. This includes determining what is separate property and what is community property. This will involve reviewing documentation such as pay stubs, tax returns and property value information. They should also be aware of the possibility that a spouse may try to hide assets.

The division of assets can be complicated, especially when there are multiple high-value items or significant debt. It is best to reach a compromise outside of court, but this is not always possible. In these instances, a judge must review evidence and make a decision.

Spousal support is another issue that can be complex and contentious. Typically, the higher-earning spouse will pay alimony to the lower-earning spouse, but this is not automatic and depends on a variety of factors. The type and duration of the alimony will also be determined by the judge. This is one reason why it is important to hire a divorce lawyer that understands the nuances of divorce and family law.Scheidungsanwalt Hattingen

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