February 28, 2024

CBD Vape UK is becoming an increasingly popular way to take CBD, as it’s discreet, quick-acting and highly effective. This is mainly due to the fact that the body absorbs it much more effectively than tinctures or capsules, and many smokers find swapping their cigarettes for a CBD vape kit an easy step as they’re already used to inhaling through their mouth.

CBD is a natural compound that interacts with the body’s cannabinoid receptors to create a range of positive effects, from pain relief to anxiety and sleep aid. The best known benefit of CBD is its anti-smoking properties, but it can also help with anxiety, chronic pain, stress, and inflammation. It’s also a natural mood enhancer and can be used to relieve symptoms of depression and reduce the effects of anxiety and psychosis.

Unlike cannabis which has been banned in the UK for a long time, hemp is an approved part of the cannabis plant and can be grown legally in order to extract the CBD compounds. Hemp is also a very safe plant, and the CBD extracted from it has no psychoactive properties. CBD can be found in a wide variety of products, including e-liquids for electronic cigarette devices (e-cigarettes), which are available to buy online and from specialist stores.

There are three types of CBD e-liquids on the market, depending on how they contain their CBD. These are whole plant CBD, full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate.

The majority of CBD e-liquids are made from a mixture of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol (both of which are approved food additives) in varying proportions, with flavourings and the added CBD extract. The liquids are then sold in a bottle with a dropper for ease of use, which can be filled by the consumer to the desired level.

At present the majority of CBD e-liquids are aimed at consumers who have already used nicotine e-liquids and are looking to swap to a safer alternative. This means that the flavours are usually fruity, menthol, or strawberry. Unflavoured CBD e-liquids are less common and are more likely to have an earthy or grassy taste, depending on the brand.

While it’s important to research your chosen product, buying from a trusted supplier is the best way to ensure you are getting a good quality CBD vape juice. Look for a certificate of analysis from a 3rd party to show the exact ingredients and levels of any controlled substances such as THC and CBN.

While CBD e-liquids do not contain nicotine they are still classed as a drug, so care should be taken if you plan on using them in places where smoking is banned, such as trains or public spaces. If in doubt, it’s best to ask a member of staff for advice as the answer may be different depending on your location.

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