September 23, 2023

Brush making machine is a special kind of industrial equipment that produces brushes made of different materials, such as plastic or metal. These machines are used in a variety of applications, including deburring and polishing. The abrasive action of the brushes helps to smooth surfaces and reduce the cutting force of the workpiece. The brushing process also helps to create a more uniform surface, which can then be coated. This process is particularly useful for metalworking, where the abrasive action of a bonded abrasive can cause damage to the surface.

In the present invention, a brush making machine comprises a pair of reciprocating jaws 31 and 32 secured to plate 33 which is slidably mounted in frame block 34 (FIG. 5) so that the ends of the jaws are movable toward and away from a brush back held in holder 12. A tuft deflector 120 is positioned above the jaws, as shown in FIG. 5, to prevent interference therewith by the tufts set in previous operations. The deflector includes an open lower end that extends around the ends of the jaws, as shown in FIG. 2, to thereby prevent interference therewith by the anchor wire and bristle strands of a previously set tuft.

The tuft deflector is supported by a cam follower 163 that is afiixed to and driven by a shaft 172 that makes one revolution for each tuft that is set by the machine. A spring 175 engages the arm 157 to bias the cam follower into engagement with the cam 192, which includes a portion of reduced radius in order to permit clockwise movement of the arm 157 and counter-clockwise movement of the arm 152, thereby rotating deflector 120 outwardly or toward the front of the machine.

Once the table 14 is shifted so that the machine operates upon a different brush back such as the backs 22 and 23 exhibited in FIG. 2 the tuft deflector is likewise shifted or rotated to free it from any interference therewith by the previously set tufts. The shifting mechanism operates a switch to energize a solenoid contained within the solenoid housing 182 so that operation of the solenoid pivots the yoke 135 about its pivot point 187 to move the arms in an annular groove 190 in a portion of the cam 192.

The GIOTTO machine is designed for high volume production of disc brushes and other types of brush with a continuous working cycle. Once the drilling and filling operation of each station is completed, the machine indexes and brings the brush automatically to the next station. The final stage of the machine consists of a CNC controlled trimmer that accurately finishes the brush and prepares it for the final brush head plate assembly. This allows the operator to keep handling the brushes to a minimum and reduce the risk of hand injuries. The GIOTTO is available with a standard mechanical filling head or with Borghi’s patented electronic filling technology.

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