February 23, 2024

Bone conduction headphones with mic let you enjoy your music without blocking your ears, and they’re a great choice for people who are hard of hearing or deaf. They use vibrations sent through the middle ear bones to conduct sound, similar to how baleen whales hear when they stamp their feet and elephants communicate with each other miles away by sensing seismic vibrations. You can even hear your surroundings when you wear a pair, which makes them a safer option for the active person. Unlike headphones with giant ear cups that rest on the ears, bone-conduction headphones sit slightly forward of them and can be worn comfortably while working out or taking a walk.

In addition to offering excellent sound quality for music and podcasts, the best bone-conduction headphones with mic are lightweight and easy to wear while running or other activities. They usually have an IP (ingress protection) rating that indicates how well they resist water, dust, and dirt. Most feature Bluetooth connectivity, and some have a noise-canceling microphone for hands-free calling.

Top-rated bone-conduction headphone models, such as the AfterShokz OpenRun and the Mojawa MOJO 2, are fairly expensive but deliver premium features. They include sleek designs, IPX7 ratings that are waterproof enough to be dunked or swam in, and 8-hour battery life for all-day listening. Some even have a proprietary magnetic charging cradle to avoid the hassle of fumbling with cords and wires while exercising.

Other less expensive options, such as the YouthWhisper bone-conduction headphones with mic, are a better value for people looking to try this type of technology. While the audio quality doesn’t rival that of the top-rated sets, they still have impressive sound output and can get you through a workout or a jog around town. They also have a good embedded mic for calls but may not record your voice as clearly as other headphones. bone conduction headphones with mic

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