February 21, 2024


Birkenstock is a famous German shoe brand. They manufacture footwear from sandals to shoes. Their shoes are created differently and are very noticeable due to their cork and rubber footbeds that can conform according to the shape of the wearers’ feet.

Birkenstock company was founded by Johann Adam Birkenstock and registered in the year of 1774 as a “vassal and shoemaker”. Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Essentials EVA Sandals are one of the most loved sandals. Enjoy a relaxed and pleasant summer with this amazing footwear from Birkenstock and pair them along with your favourite T-shirts and jeans.

There are times when our footwear can have some issues. That also applies in the case of sandals. In some sandals,Guest Posting there is a problem that they dig a little too deep in the case of cushioning and some are not comfortable to wear due to their design. There is no list of comfy sandals in which the name of Birkenstock doesn’t appear.

Birkenstock footwear are amazingly lightweight to use and also have a contoured footbed which helps in effective distribution of weight to facilitate a proper posture.

This footwear from Birkenstock is cheaper; but it offers effective durability and attractive design, with a low price; which is an amazing factor to consider. Its lightweight material helps you to carry this sandal wherever you go. This EVA sandal is so comfortable that it makes you feel like you are wearing a leather sandal.

The full form of EVA is ethylene-vinyl acetate. This chemical compound is known as a very super lightweight material that comes between the rubber and foam. Its nature is very flexible and offers plenty of cushion to the user.

You can only find very few styles available in the EVA line of Birkenstock. But some of their footwear for both men and women are very popular among people, around the world like their Arizona two-strap slide.

Birkenstock has its signature moulded footbed with the help of EVA to offer unique resemblance to their leather sandals. These sandals have some unique features that make them different from other sandals like their deep heel cup, transverse and longitudinal arch support and a special comfortable toe grip.

You will not find any problem with these sandals after wearing them for a long time. They still mould perfectly on your feet but little differently compared to leather footbeds.

These Sandals are available in lots of colours for you to choose from and are perfect for all your fun activities. These sandals are undoubtedly the most popular footwear among people around the globe in the EVA lineup.

The Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Sandals offer you comfort, style and elegance. These sandals are adored worldwide for their quality and unique features. These sandals can be used everywhere you want since it is lightweight and comfortable to carry around easily. These sandals from Birkenstock come in 18 colours for you to choose from. Be more active this summer with Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Essentials EVA Sandals. sandals for women

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