February 23, 2024

When your conservatory begins to show signs of age, or you’re looking for ways to make it more usable year-round, it could be the perfect time to upgrade. A tiled conservatory roof is a great way to improve both the thermal efficiency and appearance of your space, offering several benefits over glass or polycarbonate options.

Unlike most conservatories, which are built with full-length windows and doors, a conservatory can be fitted with solid roofs that don’t require planning permission (subject to meeting certain criteria). A new roof can transform your conservatory into an extension that is suitable for all-year-round living. A solid roof will reduce glare, make the room more comfortable and can be fitted with integrated lighting and skylights for a more modern look.

A tiled roof will provide better insulation than a polycarbonate or glass conservatory, making it more usable throughout the year and less prone to hot and cold patches. This will help you save money on energy bills, too, as the improved thermal performance means your conservatory will use less heating and cooling methods.

Tiled conservatory roofs can be manufactured in a range of different colours to match your existing home, including black, brown and terracotta. This can give your conservatory a more permanent feel and add to its overall kerb appeal. This can also boost your property’s value should you ever choose to sell, as a high-quality conservatory with an attractive roof will be more desirable than one that is outdated or worn. tiled conservatory roof

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